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1102 East Lasalle Avenue
South Bend, IN, 46617
United States

(574) 234-8584

Sinai Synagogue – an integral part of the South Bend community since 1932.

Sinai Synagogue is a proud part of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement, a dynamic blend of our inclusive, egalitarian approach and a commitment to Jewish tradition.



"When I pray, I speak to G-d.  When I study, G-d speaks to me."

Rabbi Louis Finkelstein,
quoted in Conservative Judaism: The New Century by Neil Gillman, 1993



Sinai Synagogue is proud to maintain our twice daily minyanim. Our community is strongly committed to the importance of worship and the obligation to say Kaddish, when needed. Monday through Friday we meet at 7:30 AM. On Sunday and Federal holidays we begin at 8:30 AM.  All are invited – we want you there and you are welcome to bring your tallit and tefillin.

We also meet at 6 PM in the evening. For Friday evenings, please check the calendar for service times, as they change with the seasons.  In the summer months we recite the Minha (afternoon) and in the winter months we recite the Ma’ariv (evening) service.  For a very short window in February we recite both.  

Expand and reinforce your knowledge with Rabbi Friedland’s teachings on the meaning of prayer, individual prayers from the siddur or the teachings of our sages. 



In the words of one regular minyan attendee - “Rabbi, I don’t come to services because I need a minyan to pray, I come to services because someone else needs a minyan.”

Reciting Kaddish for our loved ones is an important responsibility that we take on as Jews and as family members.  Sinai Synagogue makes it a practice to remind our members of their family members’ upcoming yahrtzeits.

We encourage our members to make a commitment to attend one or more minyanim each week to ensure that there is always a minyan for someone who needs to recite Kaddish.

During our evening minyan, individuals observing yahrtzeit are invited to share memories or thoughts about their loved one.  May their memories be for a blessing!

Donations in memory of loved ones are welcomed.  Funds are used for tzedakah through the Rabbi’s discretionary fund or other designated purpose.

Chumashim used during Shabbat services at Sinai Synagogue.

Chumashim used during Shabbat services at Sinai Synagogue.