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1102 East Lasalle Avenue
South Bend, IN, 46617
United States

(574) 234-8584

Sinai Synagogue – an integral part of the South Bend community since 1932.

Sinai Synagogue is a proud part of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement, a dynamic blend of our inclusive, egalitarian approach and a commitment to Jewish tradition.



"Learning is the raising of character by the broadening of vision and the deeping of feeling."

Mayer Sulzberger



FEAST - Innovative Family Education

Bringing our Jewish families and children to synagogue on Shabbat, our FEAST program creates a Shabbat-centered experience. FEAST is an acronym for Family Education At Sinai Today. Shabbat becomes the most essential day of the week; a time when the Jewish community gathers together, forging a deep, lasting sense of connection to the synagogue and our faith. 

Our FEAST program incorporates 3 important curricular goals: 
1) Students observe that both male and female public participation in Jewish ritual life is necessary to create a wholesome and holy community.
2) Students are encouraged to infuse meaning into their daily lives and fulfill the highest values of Torah through the observance of mitzvot.  
3) Students acquire respect for the teachings of modern science, thought and humanities and gain the understanding that Torah and modernity complement each other. 

We achieve these goals by focusing on a few key areas: jewish scriptural literature, ethics, holidays and prayer.


Hebrew Education

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. Having a rudimentary understanding of our sacred language and an ability to read (or decode) the Hebrew characters with ease are essential to participating in Jewish life.  Sinai’s Hebrew education program is focused on creating and sustaining long lasting ties to Jewish community and synagogue life.

Students in Second and Third grade come one day a week to learn to decode the letters of the aleph-bet and basic reading skills. Fourth through Sixth grade come two days a week and work on improving reading and language skills, tefilot, and leading worship services.  Advanced students also study midrash in the Hebrew language with Rabbi Friedland.  

6th grade students assist in leading evening minyan as well as Torah service in preparation for Bat/bar mitzvah.  This furthers our community’s goal of creating future ritual leaders and helping our students appreciate that Hebrew studies are not solely to be able to “get through their bar mitzvah”.

We are grateful and proud that Sinai’s parents understand that Hebrew language, as is true for any language studies, cannot be learned with only one or two hours a week of instruction. 

Join us for a Shabbat morning service and you may find our students leading the Torah service or recent b’nai mitzvah leading Pesukei D’zimra (the preparatory service) or Musaf.


TAMID - Teen Education

TAMID is an acronym for Torah, Midrash (interpretation, commentary, seeing Torah in a contemporary light), Identity (what does it mean to be a Jew in present-day America? In our community?), Divrei HaYamim (our story and history, where have Jews been, what did we experience, how did we think?).

The Hebrew word “Tamid” means constant, always, continually.  That is what Jewish education should be and we encourage our post-B’nai Mitzvah youth to be active and involved through our TAMID program. On Sunday evenings, our post-B’nai Mitzvah youth gather at 5:30pm for dinner. After dinner the students join our evening minyan at 6:00pm, and then study for until 8:00pm.

Study sessions, which promote active participation and open discussion, range from Torah study to contemporary issues to Jewish literature to all things Israel.  TAMID classes are by Rabbi Friedland and a variety of volunteers from the community who share their interests and expertise.

 Teens at Sinai Synagogue participate in Passover education program.

Teens at Sinai Synagogue participate in Passover education program.